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Meet our Founder

Cynthia R. Brown

Executive Director

Cynthia R Brown affectionately known as “CeCe” saw a need and created a solution. Adapting to fill this void and working to disrupt poverty via employment or entrepreneurship, CRCEE, INC. was created to close the economical gap within minority communities.  This dedication came from CeCe’s lifelong passion for service and community. Her background consists of over 25+ years of professional experience, including 14 years of extensive experience in governmental affairs and the life experiences of being a black woman in Milwaukee.

her Story

After graduating high school, CeCe had the hardest job in America – being a single mother – but that did not stop her from attaining two bachelor’s degrees and gaining a master’s in human services. CeCe worked her way up from CNA to CFO now CEO in the most segregated city in the USA, and for the past 15 years, she has been using a unique blend of faith, education, and perseverance to advance her community through her companies.

Growing up in the 53206-zip code in Milwaukee with little to no resources, CeCe saw a professional world ruled by Caucasian men. Not seeing her face (as a woman) or race in certain positions of power lit a fire inside in CeCe to not only be the face and race in the room but to “lift as you climb”. Building on that mantra CeCe always took special care to include her community at every level of her elevation to the top of the business world. By age 34 she had been elevated to three key positions: Criminal Justice director for a nonprofit, District director for a Wisconsin State Senator, CFO of the largest black-owned (transportation) Construction Company in Milwaukee Co. These roles opened new doors and birthed CRC Employment and Entrepreneurial Services. Those experiences confirmed what she already knew—it was difficult for a small business to find support services, especially for African American businesses. Firsthand experience of entrepreneurship roadblocks gave her the opportunity to be a vital voice for her community through advocacy, advancement, and connections.

CeCe also serves as CEO of a for-profit company that has three divisions of services and has been enriching the lives and productivity of new entrepreneurs, job seekers, employers, and most recently, the disabled and elderly communities. C.R.C offers business development for new entrepreneurs and existing ones; workforce development, training for job seekers and employers; and supportive services. All three of these divisions speak to CeCe’s perspective on how to uplift, assist and serve a community that has been underrepresented for far too long. She has taken all the advantages and disadvantages life has given her and turned them into a gainful business.

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