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B.O.S.S. and CRC Employment and Entrepreneurial Services, Inc.  program is working to increase entrepreneurship resilience throughout the state of Wisconsin with a special emphasis on building minority businesses in the Milwaukee area. We offer business development, mentoring and networking utilizing business ideation and customized strategies. 

B.O.S.S. Academy Milwaukee

4 Week Business BOSS Boot Camp Series


Recognizing the need and growth in entrepreneurship in Milwaukee CeCe created the B.O.S.S Bootcamp in 2016. The Building On Self Sustainability (B.O.S.S) Bootcamp is a 4, 6 or 12 week program that helps local businesses develop, scale and grow. 8 businesses from the past two cohorts have increased revenue by 50% allowing them to reinvest in the community where they live and create jobs in the community. In addition to providing consultative and administrative services pro bono, CRC champions sharing resources to both businesses and individuals. Success stories of CRC’s B.O.S.S boot camp spring from the seeds CeCe planted throughout her 25+ years of experience. 




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