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Join Us!

Dear Prospective Member, 

CRC Employment and Entrepreneurial Services, Inc. is Wisconsin's premier community devoted collaboration of entrepreneurship that focus on exclusively advancing equality through empowerment, education, awareness, connections and political action. We focus on creating new business opportunities, connections, and growth. Members will help promote the interests of Wisconsin’s entrepreneurship and drive economic prosperity. Our work covers local issues and effect systemic changes that shapes our community. 

As a voting member of CRCEE your membership provides an unparalleled opportunity to network, share, engage and      maximize the overall value of member brands through world class resources.  

We would like to invite you to become a part of this social movement by partnering with us as an annual member of CRCEE.

By joining CRCEE, you are sending a message to the world that entrepreneurship is vital to our economy and that you support CRCEE’s mission.

Why join Us: 

We connect you with peers.

We connect you with resources.

We connect you with ideas.

We connect you with best business practices. 

We connect you with policy makers.


Benefits for Membership 

Educational Moments

Consulting and Coaching

Multi Media


Monthly Mixers 

Venue discount rental

Free Vendor Space at all of our events

Direct Access to Business Technical Assistance

There are Nine ways to join this movement! 

Presidential Business Membership - $525.00

Premier Business Membership - $375.00

Co-working Business Membership - $250.00

Basic Business Membership - $50.00

Kitchen Hub Business Membership - $125.00

Kitchen Hub “Daily” Business Membership - $50.00

Mailbox Business Membership - $50.00 (and up)

Non-Profit Organization Membership - $35.00

Community Partner Membership - $300.00

VIP Membership - $150.00

Our 2022 monthly membership fees vary depending on your membership Choice. Please complete the attached application and return it along with your payment to: CRC, 6090 North 35th Street, Suite 203 Milwaukee WI 53209 (mail) or email at  

Thank you for being a part of building a stronger entrepreneurship community.

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