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Milwaukee Non-Profit is Giving the Underserved Community a Voice

CRCEE, Inc. Offers Pitch Development to the Minority Community

Milwaukee, WI — As fiscal inequality grows, a Milwaukee non-profit seeks to help impoverished entrepreneurs build thriving minority-owned businesses by teaching pitch development. The seminar, free to CRCEE, Inc. members and $85 for non-members, will be held on October 24th-26th, 2022, from 6-8p at 4911 W. Good Hope Rd, Suite 112A in Milwaukee, will showcase professional business leaders from the area. This Pitch Development Training comes with an opportunity to Pitch to Angel Investors, Community Leaders, and Stake Holders with cash prizes of up to $5000.

“We recognize the need to elevate our community members by teaching them how to become self-sufficient, earn a living wage, and fully integrate into their community,” said Cynthia Brown, executive director of CRC Employment and Entrepreneurial Services, Inc. “This seminar combines the best ideas and proven strategies learned from years of research on the needs of minorities and implementing those strategies in real-life business situations.”

During this seminar, attendees will learn how to navigate the procedure of creating a startup pitch with the intention of gaining investor interest. The course will demonstrate how to break down a real-world pitch and explain how it relates to individual businesses. By explaining key concepts and basic principles, guests will understand how to deliver, analyze, and strengthen their pitch writing, presentation, and follow-up.

Speakers will discuss the important economic issues faced by minorities and other underserved community members and demonstrate proven ways to improve their odds of securing investors for their startup or existing business venture. Speakers include:

Cynthia Brown, Executive Director of CRCEE, Inc, educates on pitch basics.

Marjorie Rucker, Director of the Business Council, lectures on executing the perfect pitch.

Ebony Ssali, Brand and Creative Director of Ssali Media, informs on pitch branding.

About CRCEE, Inc.

Since 2015, CRC Employment and Entrepreneurial Services, Inc. (CRCEE, Inc.) has provided full-service entrepreneurial and professional development resources to disenfranchised communities. Through training, mentorship, and technical assistance programs, CRCEE, Inc.’s vision is to disrupt poverty and systematic barriers that keep underserved communities from succeeding.

CRCEE, Inc. helps close the economic gap that underprivileged individuals and entrepreneurs face by providing financial support, mentorship for minorities, and small business coaching. Through programmatic and operational activities, CRCEE, Inc. helps make dreams of running a successful business a reality.

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